Fall 2020 IT Website Changes

In this fall semester, the IT website has made style changes and added more webpages to make information easily accessible.  


The IT Homepage now has a News & Announcements section that will be updated with the latest information regarding IT projects. Students and faculty will both find this information relevant, as it typically concerns campus technology and improvement plans. Make sure to routinely check this page and stay ahead of changes. 


New technology guides are added on a regular basis to the IT Guides page. These guides are sorted by category. Learn more about technology on campus by following easy-to-understand and step-by-step instructions.

Virtual Lab Access 

Students on and off campus can now remote into IT lab computers, granting them access to the various software packages present at each lab. Visit the Computer Labs Remote Access page for more information. 

Zoom Security Changes 

In September, several security changes were made in the latest Zoom update. Refer to the IT department’s Zoom Information guide to learn more information. 

Zoom Workspaces 

Zoom Workspaces are areas and rooms available for students to use to attend Zoom remote courses while on Campus. Some students, particularly commuter students, may have to attend a Zoom course back-to-back with an in person course. These Zoom Workspaces provide a place for them to attend their Zoom course while remaining on campus. Visit the IT Zoom Workspace page to check which Main Campus Locations and Regional Campus Locations are available. 

Author: Quinn Johnson