Ascending Towards Better Education with the Vibe

One of the greatest technological changes in the last decade is how technology is packaged. It’s no longer essential to carry around a camcorder, flip phone, and a variety of other equipment when a smartphone takes care of it all. Likewise, in the world of audio and video, the days of separate Web cams, microphones, speakers, and amps are largely done; we can now use a single device to replace them all. Southeast is accordingly updating its classrooms, with the latest advance being the Acendo Vibe, providing vastly enhanced distance learning capabilities through superior A/V technology. 

Arriving in designated HyFlex classrooms, the Acendo Vibe will bridge the gap between face-to-face classes and remote learners. Students participating in the course from a remote location will be able to hear and see the entire class; the Vibe has an excellent omnidirectional microphone which can hear both students and the professor, as well as a wide-angle camera which can display the entire class in its view. In the opposite direction, the soundbar side of the Vibe will make sure the entire class can hear the voices of distant learners. Audiophiles may recognize the power behind the JBL speakers included in each Vibe, ensuring participants’ voices are broadcast loud and clear.

With the introduction of Southeast’s hyper-flexible (HyFlex) classes, as well as social distancing requirements during the Fall 2020 semester, it’s more important than ever to ensure distance learning is just as good as the face-to-face experience. The Acendo Vibe marks a major step toward addressing the needs of the remote learner.

Author: Grey Ruessler 


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