Multitasking on Mobile

Recent updates to iOS and Android make these devices more powerful than ever and can even replace many of the functions previously reserved for desktops and laptops. Among the additions, both platforms are now able to effectively use two apps at once by splitting the screen. The potential for this is limitless – for example, typing a transcript of a video while watching it, or viewing web content while video chatting. Taking advantage of this feature is fortunately quite easy! 


  1. Open your secondary app and immediately close it. 
  2. Open your primary app. 
  3. Click the recent apps button. 
  4. Click on the primary app’s icon, then click “Split.” 
    Finalize the process by selecting the secondary app. 

The app ration can then be tweaked by sliding around the divider bar. 


  1. Open your alternate app and immediately close it. 
    Ensure its icon remains in the toolbar. 
  1. Open your primary app, or the one you wish to occupy the most space when splitting asymmetrically. 
  2. Open the toolbar by swiping up from the bottom of your screen. 
    Then, drag and drop the app onto your desired side of the screen. 

With these three simple steps, the apps will share the screen space equally.  

Author: Grey Ruessler, Tech Assistant


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