The Best 4K TV in 2020

Every product marketplace is dominated by a few flagships; the best of the best, meant to represent that year’s advances in technology. This is no different for the realm of TVs, where year after year, innovation results in superior picture quality and innovative new features. Out of these flagships, what is considered as superior usually comes down to preference – but sometimes, it’s hard to argue with the specs. With this in mind, we introduce the Samsung Q90R, our favorite flagship TV for this year. 

Budget aside, the Samsung Q90R is the best 4K TV in 2020. Samsung has invested in quantum dot technology, resulting in more brilliant colors and less wasted light, putting the Q into QLED. The Samsung Q90R comes in three different screen sizes- the 65-inch, 75-inch, and 82-inch models. It utilizes SMART technology that integrates streaming applications, a voice assistant, and more.  

The Samsung Q90R supports HDR10+ which delivers impressive content. The excellent SDR performance is used as a base for HDR to add brighter highlights and colors that compete even against OLED displays. The QLED technology can even outperform OLED while utilizing HDR technology. 

The TV audio does leave something to be desired. The Q90R speakers do not support the latest Dolby Vision sound technology. However, the TV can send the precursor of Dolby Vision called Dolby Atmos from built-in streaming apps to compatible soundbars and other audio systems. 

The Samsung Q90R starts at $2599.99. If you are in the market for a new tv, this one offers much to be desired. 

Samsung Q90R Full Specs: 

Screen Sizes 65-in, 75-in, 82-in 
4K display Yes 
3D technology No 
Panel technology QLED 
SMART TV capability Yes 
Inputs 4x HDMI, 3x USB, 2x RF, Optical, Ethernet, CI slot 

Author: Quinn Johnson, Tech Assistant