Upgrade Your Home Office

Home offices may be a place of productivity, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be cozy. Messy and unfriendly environments prevent inspiration and can discourage you from even using the room. If the office area is unwelcoming, one may choose to work from a couch or bed, which not only hurts productivity but also the comfort of home life. Consider upgrading your home office with a couple of these products to make it a place you truly want to work from. 

Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk 

People sit more now than they ever have before. However, this comfort comes at a cost; excessive sitting has been directly linked to increased weight gain, fewer calories burned, and a sedentary lifestyle leading to chronic disease and conditions. By taking advantage of a standing desk, you are likely to burn more calories, reduce back pain, improve mood, and boost energy levels that will lead to better productivity. There are different versions of desks, from tabletop platforms that can be raised and lowered, to entire desks with adjustable leg lengths. An adjustable sit/stand desk can cost anywhere from $250 to $1000. 

Ergonomic Office Chair 

Even with an adjustable desk, most of your day will likely be spent sitting in an office chair. A poor-quality chair may negatively affect your productivity and health. The seat should be made with a material with enough padding, and it should allow you to sit for an extended amount of time. Test out several office chairs before deciding on one. The best office chair is the one that is most comfortable and prevents any strain or injury while encouraging good posture during the workday. A good adjustable office chair can cost from $100 to $300.  

Under-Desk Treadmill or Cycle 

If you would like to get in a workout while staying productive in the office, an under-desk treadmill or cycle will do the trick. A treadmill will be much more expensive and will take up a lot of space in your office and requires a standalone desk to be utilized properly. However, the under-desk cycle is a much cheaper and discreet way to get in some exercise while you work. An under-desk treadmill costs anywhere from $400-$800 while an under-desk cycle will cost about $200. 

Voice Assistant 

A voice assistant can help you remember to complete tasks, add events to your calendar, and even configure workflows to execute a complex series of commands with just your voice. Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Apple’s Siri are just a few of the options you can integrate into your home office. Windows computers come preinstalled with Cortana, and Apple devices come preinstalled with Siri. But external devices like an Amazon Echo or a Google Home can be purchased as a standalone device. 

Second Monitor 

Having more screen real estate is great for multitasking. Switch between applications by keeping other applications on the second screen. View documents side by side while studying topics, and never miss an e-mail by having your e-mail application open on the other screen. Even a laptop can take advantage of having a large second screen. Monitors start at about $80. 


Having a large place to jot down plans and schedules as well as thoughts and ideas you have during the day can greatly increase home office productivity. A whiteboard provides a reminder to accomplish tasks and goals, and the physical act of writing things down can help you remember things more naturally than an assistant might. Whiteboards start at around $10. Or, for free, use Microsoft Ink: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17207/windows-10-use-windows-ink.  

Plants and Other Decorations 

Add some personal decorations to your work area to make sure that your home office is a place you feel comfortable working from. Scientific studies have proven that plants have a positive effect on mental health, concentration, and they even improve inside air quality. Take steps to ensure that you make a home office space your own and spur creativity. 

Author: Quinn Johnson, Tech Assistant