It’s Time to Upgrade to Zoom 5.0

Starting May 30th, all Zoom clients will be required to upgrade to Zoom 5.0 if they have not already done so. To avoid any potential interruptions to scheduled meetings, update your Zoom application as soon as possible. The deadline date is set to ensure all Zoom users will have the necessary security enhancements as well as new and improved features. 

Out of the many changes, Zoom has received its biggest upgrades regarding security. Zoom 5.0 will now require passwords for all meetings, including previously scheduled events. Passwords can be generated by the host or randomly generated. This change is being made to prevent unwanted participants from joining your meeting. If you do not currently have passwords set to your existing scheduled meetings, it is recommended that you delete these meetings and reschedule them. When you re-send your invitation link to the participants, your meeting password will be embedded in the meeting link. Participants using this link to join the meeting will not be prompted to enter a password when joining. 

Additionally, by default, a waiting room will be enabled for all personal meeting rooms. The host can control who enters the meeting by accepting each participant as they join the meeting room. This can prevent entry by anyone who may have gotten access to the meeting link without permission.

Personal meetings also restrict screen sharing to host only by default to remove potential disruption by members of the meeting. The host can still enable participants to screen share by using the meeting controls. 

Finally, all the security controls have been grouped together and they are found on the host meeting menu bar. The settings to enable/disable participant’s ability to screen share, rename themselves, chat, and more can be found here. A host can also remove participants, lock a meeting, and report users during a meeting.

Author: Quinn Johnson, Tech Assistant

Download Zoom 5.0 through the Official Zoom Website 

If you have any questions, please contact the SEMO IT Help Desk at (573) 651-4357.