Teaching in the time of COVID-19 #OneForAll

“One for All: Episode 1 – Teaching in the time of COVID-19 We’ve been told we can’t go out. Can’t be together. Can’t do so much that we took for granted. But there’s a lot we CAN do. We can adapt. We can create. And we can do it together. One… for all. Follow the inspiring stories of educators, creators, healers, and leaders around the world, as they rise to the challenges of this time – wherever they are. Tune in every week to watch these inspiring stories as they unfold. Episode 1 of One for All takes us to San Francisco where we meet George Lee, Media Arts teacher at Balboa High School, and find out what it’s like to connect with students over Zoom for the first time.”

Retrieved 04/27/2020 from “Canva” YouTube Channel