Tech-Riffic Gifts for this Holiday Season

Earlier articles regarding technology and Christmas shopping have dealt with purchasing technology at a discount. As time draws closer, you may have missed those bargains and completing run out of ideas on what to purchase that special someone. Even more likely, this gift idea may focus on what to buy the person with everything. Hence, your options may now be limited to consider the luxury technology items. This is for the person that gift cards and socks may not suffice.  

What most people really want to buy for the people they care about is a gift that will be used and remembered. What better gift than technology–especially something used on a regular basis. While technology can make a perfect gift, the idea is still too broad. There are so many different things and so many different brands, it can be difficult to choose the perfect gift. However, there are several technology items considered trendy right now. Even If you don’t have a luxury budget, here is a dream list of what you could buy for that special someone, or for yourself. 

One trendy option is “smart” speakers. Everyone enjoys listening to music, podcasts, news, and more, and with the correct speakers, that enjoyment can be amplified. The market abounds with speaker choices making choosing the right speakers a difficult task. Several newly released speakers would make an excellent gift purchase. Some of these options include: 

SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker by Bose priced at $99.00 

Smart Portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker by Sonos priced at $399.00 

Echo(3rd Generation) from Amazon priced at $99.99 

LS50 Wireless Speakers by KEF priced at $2,199.99 

For those who do not particularly enjoy music as much, there other technology options that would make great gifts. For a lot of people, appearance and hygiene is important, but it is hard to keep an appearance up with bad equipment. A few options to consider:  

Pro Rotating Curling Iron by Beachwaver priced at $199.00 

Oral-B GENIUS Electric Toothbrush by Oral-B priced at $279.99 

Supersonic Hair Dryer by Dyson priced at $399.99 

Nadi X Responsive Yoga Pants by WearableX priced at $249.00 

An item that everyone that almost all adults want, or need is a phone charger. Since chargers are easy to misplace or break, this can be a frequent purchase. There are several types of new and durable phone chargers that would make a perfect gift. A few of options include: 

Multi-Device Wireless Charger by Courant priced at $150.00 

Bolt Portable Charger by Jackery priced at $32.99 

With smart phones, almost everyone takes photos, but some hold a greater interest in photography as a hobby and demonstrate true talent. An important part of taking the perfect picture is having the perfect equipment to do so. A new camera would make any aspiring photographer extremely happy this coming holiday. Some of the new photography equipment includes: 

IVY Wireless Mini Photo Printer by Canon priced at $129.00 

PowerShot G1X Mark II Wi-Fi-Enabled Digital Camera by Canon priced at $1,099.00 

Luxury items under $50: Isontoner Touchscreen Gloves: $29; Wemo Mini Smart plug: $23; Stroller Hook portable charger: $40;  

From a temperature controlled smart mug to a smart dog collar, if you’re still having trouble finding that perfect gift, more luxury tech ideas can be found on the Town and Country magazine

Author: Emma Knight 


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