The iPhone 11 Family: Which Phone Is Right for You?

With the iPhone 11, Pro, and Pro Max, Apple once again improves upon its classic design with an abundance of new features – advanced camera processing, improved technical specs, and much more. Retailing at $699, $999, and $1099 respectively, each of these three models finds a pleasant niche in the Apple family. For the those who desire the latest and greatest, perhaps the iPhone will find a place in their pocket as well.  

The iPhone 11 is the base model of this generation. Already, over the previous year’s iPhone XR, it offers several hardware improvements: a second 12MP camera, a battery lasting around 6% longer, and an extra gigabyte of ram as well as an upgrade to the latest Apple Bionic processor. While these differences may sound small, they add up. The second camera allows perfect clarity between wide angles and up to 2x optical zoom. The upgraded processor improves processing times and general snappiness of the device. The extra RAM and battery allow the device to perform more tasks at an increased intensity. As a cherry on top, it offers a relatively large 6.1” screen with the trademark retina clarity.  

The iPhone 11 Pro carries over all the improvements of the base model while adding even more features. Most notably, it adds on a third camera, used for ultra-wide shots. This is considered a “0.5x zoom,” and allows for almost panorama-like shots without unreliable quality.

Additionally, the Pro model features an improved display, with increased brightness and deeper blacks. This comes at a slight cost in battery life, however, clocking at about an hour less than its base-model counterpart. Screen size also takes a slight hit, at just 5.8” compared to the larger iPhone 11.  

The iPhone 11 Pro Max offers a further polished version of the Pro. The greatest improvement is the larger screen size, offering an impressive 6.5”, while keeping the same image quality. The battery life also jumps up, increasing the life by a little over an hour and exceeding that of both the iPhone 11 and Pro.  

Once again, Apple has demonstrated it’s at the top of its game with this latest release. However, it’s less certain whether the improvements are worth the price. More frugal purchasers may wish to wait for the prices to drop until next year’s refresh, or purchase from a different line altogether. However, for the buyers that want the best of the best, no phone performs quite like the iPhone 11 Pro, or offers the total polish of the Max.  

Author: Grey Ruessler, IT User Services


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