Personal Budgeting for Technology

Technology is one of the most important facets of our lives and is growing considerably more expensive as time goes by. To combat this cost, here are three tips to place your focus on smarter ways to spend your hard-earned dollars. 

1. Remember the resale. If you’re looking for items that don’t have to be fresh from the box, look no further than Swappa, a popular electronic resale shop. With no intermediaries, no seller’s fee, and a no junk policy that protects you from bad products, Swappa will help you get the best deal for considerably less time and effort than most resale shops. If you have an interest in the resale market, click here to check out Swappa and all the services it can provide.  

2. Give thought to giveaways. If you know that you are in dire need of a replacement for things like cell phones and laptops, keep in mind the time. Certain promotional sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are perfect opportunities to get name brand deals at reasonable prices. Places like dealnews and retailmenot are websites that provide you with printable coupons, promo codes, and gift certificates that may help knock dollars off any electronic purchases you make.  

3. Know your needs. When buying technology, know that there are certain accessories you definitely need and certain extras that are just a bonus. For example, Southeast Missouri State University’s Mass Communication major requires a MacBook Pro for their degree program. Likewise, education majors must have an iPad. Therefore, students should consider purchasing the required device instead of an alternative. You can find out more about the University’s degrees and what they require by clicking here

Money, and how it is spent, is a concern to students, parents, and the university. However, by following these simple tips, your budget can stretch further. If users are still unsure of what device to purchase, the SEMO IT department is available to help students, faculty, and staff make the right decision regarding technology purchases.  


Jacob Hill and Aaron Alter