Hey Faculty, Are You Talking to Me?

Academic Technologies, a division of Information Technology, is adopting the following communication approach. Be sure to check out these three communication sources for information you will need to know, to be in the know.  

First, look for all the information you will need to know from Academic Technologies on our website (http://www.semo.edu/it/ Click on Academic Technologies). While we are continually building this site, we currently offer a Moodle Status page for past, present, and future Moodle status announcements. You can also report a Moodle issue from this location. Another section is the SmartEvals page, where you can find the 2019 complete schedule of when course evaluations are due and when they will be available to students.  In addition, we have a section where you can learn about technology being used on the Southeast campus from faculty contributors. An award for the first 20 faculty contributions is an additional monitor to the classroom of your choice; add your information today! If you’d like to see additional information in this location, see the contact information below. 

Second, subscribe to the IT TechTalk. Emails are never sent more than once per week and only with a list of new announcements or technology articles, where you can pick or choose whether to open any of the linked information. For example, the latest listing included SmartEvals Schedule for 8 week Courses and The Rise and Fall of Robo Calls. Articles posted the week before: Reality is Just a Frame of Mind! EDvolution Center – VR Room and 8K TVs, Smart Speakers, and Gaming Thrones? Oh My! Subscribe from the IT homepage (http://semo.edu/it) or https://itblogs.semo.edu/. You can also unsubscribe at any time. 

Third, we post all IT related academic technology alerts and announcements on the university sanctioned news source, Newswire.  

Sorry folks, but Facebook is not one of our sanctioned places to post official information. Our goal is to be all inclusive. Visit one of the three offerings above for approved IT information. 

If you would like to receive your academic technology related news in a different manner, please contact Martha Henckell at mhenckell@semo.edu or contact the IT Help Desk at 573-651-HELP (4357).