Facebook Scam

In the past year, Facebook has been in the news for a number of breaches and leaks. Recently, a new scam has been plaguing Facebook users. In this attack, scammers hack into people’s accounts, steal their information, and create a phony account. The scammer will then message family members and friends asking for information, money, or to click on a malicious link. People receiving this message are more likely to trust this fake message since it appears to come from a legitimate source.  

In response, Facebook has improved their reporting abilities. Additionally, they have begun providing users with more information about the person attempting to contact them on messenger. For example, users will be able to see when the account was created.  

Unfortunately, accidents happen and if a user believes their account has been compromised, there are a few steps that can be taken to protect their information. Start by changing the password or securing the account. Consider blocking or reporting someone who is repeatedly posting spam messages. Check installed apps and games and remove any that are suspicious. Finally, report any spam to Facebook.  

It is virtually impossible to remove all spam from Facebook. However, by remaining vigilant and cautious, users can protect their information. 

Author: Emily Cieslewicz, IT Tech Assistant


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Photograph: Background photo created by yanalya – www.freepik.com