Teaching with Technology: Earn a Free Monitor for your Classroom! 

Academic Technologies, a division of Information Technology, is in the process of building a faculty technology community. First stop, an online bulletin board with information submitted by individual faculty that identifies: 

  1. A technology used in teaching

and the 

  1. Particular purpose, issue or enhancement it provides to the learning process 

To receive a free monitor for dual monitor capabilities in the classroom of your choice, be one of the first 20 faculty to enter your information. Answer four short questions (name, college, technology, and purpose) to be considered. 

Take time to see the technology posted by other faculty members. While there, review the current postings, “Like” technology posted, or add a comment, especially on those technologies that you currently use. 

See our Padlet online bulletin board at: https://semo.edu/it/AcaTech/padlet 

Form: located in the upper left corner of the Padlet online bulletin board 

If you have any questions, contact Martha Henckell, Director of Academic Technologies, at mhenckell@semo.edu or x4357. 

Author: Martha Henckell, Ed.D., Director of Academic Technologies

1 thought on “Teaching with Technology: Earn a Free Monitor for your Classroom! ”

  1. name: Sara Garner,
    college: Education, Health, and Human Services (I teach primarily at Sikeston,
    technology: Currently I have students use AirServ to share information…. which has not been working lately, I use socrative quizzes, nearpod, traditional power point and the elmo projector that I have to switch back and forth,
    and purpose: overall more engagement for students and highlight multiple web sources at one time with the dual monitors.

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