Affordable CES Gadgets 

For those of you that don’t know, every year in Vegas, there is a massive tech conference called the Consumer Electronics Show (CES); a festival to show all of the new and exciting electronic advancements that companies worldwide have produced. Of course, many of these new products are squarely out of the price range for most of us, but many interesting gadgets and gimmicks might be in your price range or the price range of someone purchasing a gift for you. Here’s a list of three items that you might see at your house or on campus in the coming years.  

  1. Arcus Backpack $172-$230

Before you think about buying anything from CES, you’ll need something to lug it around in. Enter the Arcus Backpack; a rugged-yet-minimalist designed backpack for the daily traveler.  It can hold up to a 15-inch laptop, and comes equipped with a crush resistant compartment for things like your cellphone, eyewear or external hard drives. It also comes with an add-on camera pouch for professional photography equipment. Available in a muted fashionable colored and breathable fabric. 

  1. Chipolo Tracker $25-$35 

If you constantly find yourself losing things like your cellphone, wallet, keys, and other small knickknacks, the Chipolo Tracker may be just the thing for you. The tiny Bluetooth tracker can help you find missing things via GPS technology and a loud, clear melody emitted by the tiny chip. It comes in several different varieties: the classic, which is about the size of a quarter with a 6-month battery; the plus, which is water resistant and equipped with a maintenance free battery; the clip, a credit card-esque tracker for wallets and bags; and the sticker which is a stickable tracker about the size of a paperclip. Find out which ones are best for you and never lose your things again!  

  1. Motiv Ring $200   

Wearable technology is becoming more and more common in everyday life, and subtleness is key for many users. Enter the Motiv ring, a concealable band that slips on your finger and offers you all the benefits of a fitness tracker. With a sleep tracker, heart rate monitor and up to three days of battery life per charge, this high-tech ring may soon be the product that takes Fitbit from the top of the market. 

While these are gadgets that made the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) of 2017, be on the lookout for one of our future articles—gadgets that made the 2018 CES. Between the two lists, there might be something that you’d like to have gift wrapped and under your tree this holiday season. 



 Authors: Jacob Hill, IT Tech Assistant and Aaron Alter, Help Desk and User Services Support


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