Hey Alexa 

Amazon just released an array of new devices with access to their home assistant, Alexa. Complied below are just a few of the unique and interesting appliances to hit the market.  

  1. Echo Wall Clock

This new clock displays in 60 LEDs, to show how much time is left on timers, alarms, and displays the time as a standard clock. It also comes pre-loaded with animations and chimes to notify the user when their timer or alarm is over. The clock can even automatically adjust for daylight savings time.   

  1. Echo Auto

The Echo Auto is essentially Alexa for your car. This small device plugs into the car’s entertainment center via USB plugin, and uses eight microphones to listen for your voice. Drivers can ask Echo Auto to play music, make calls, set reminders, check the headlines, get directions, and much more.  

  1. Ring Stick Up Cam 

This security camera comes in two forms, wired and battery operated, which allows the user to customize their security. Both cameras provide a wide-angle view of the owner’s property, 1080p video, night vision, two-way talk, and Alexa voice-control. Users can ask Alexa to show a specific room or the most recent motion that took place in an area.  

  1. Amazon Basics Microwave 

Amazon revolutionized their basic microwave by including Alexa voice controls. If the user has an Echo device, they can tell Alexa to start, stop, and even add a minute to their cooking food. If there is no Echo nearby, one can press the Alexa button on the microwave and provide the cooking directions needed.  

With the inclusion of Alexa into basic house-hold items, and now, even your automobile, Amazon is always seeking ways to make everyday life easier.  



Author: Emily Cieslewicz 




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