Work Faster, Not Harder

Outlook has added a feature called Focused Inbox. This feature intelligently sorts your email so that you can focus on what matters. Based on the emails and contacts that you frequently interact with, your email is placed into sections: Focused and Other. By separating your email into sections, you can work smarter. Of course, sorting your mail is not an exact science, therefore you have options to make changes so the system can work for you better. View the steps below to improve upon your experience.

1—To turn the Focused Inbox on or off, please click on the sort by selection, then check the Show focused inbox at the bottom

2—This will now enable the Focused Inbox and Other Inbox

3—To mark an email to go to the Focused or the Other Inbox, right-click on the email and then select to Always Move to Focused/Other



Author: Aaron Alter




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