Southeast SupportNET Powered by Starfish

A new software solution is rolling out this fall that will provide students a way to get help and increase their success in school. SupportNET utilizes data from Banner and Moodle to monitor each student.  It can identify when a student may need assistance, whether academic or financial, and communicate with faculty and staff to provide that student with a plan for success.


The student will see dashboard that will highlight appointments, scheduled flags (warnings), Kudos, and additional reminders. Additional tabs on the SupportNET screen give quick access to messages, Plans, Course schedule, History, and help requests.   The message tab displays the emails communications that have been sent through SupportNET.


Faculty and Staff working with these students have SupportNET screens for appointments that can synchronize with Outlook, student information, tracking of alert flags, attendance concerns, notes, referrals, concerns, kudos, and student messaging.   These tools allow the Faculty and Staff to better track and communicate with students and each other.  The SupportNET system monitors student activities and based on system settings can set alert flags and kudos for students.   Faculty and Staff can also set flags and kudos based on their observations.

Information Technology has built integration programs to bring data from Banner and Moodle into the SupportNET system.  For students the following information is integrated: Demographic information, GPA, Course schedule, Credit Hours, Degrees, Majors, Minors, Campus, Residency, Enrollment information, Test scores, Financial Aid, Hold Codes, Academic Standing, Advisors and Extra Curricular Activities.   With this information, the system is able to monitor student activity and perform the necessary communication to initiate a plan to assist the student in need.


Author: Mark Blaylock, IT Programming Manager

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